Come Super Bowl 50, the city of San Francisco is expected to harbor an estimated 1 million tourists for the annual football gala. And if you thought San Francisco was losing its gay edge now, you just wait until winter 2016!

According to SF Biz Times, "About 70,000 people will attend Super Bowl 50 [in Santa Clara]. About 1 million people will come to Super Bowl events during the week leading up to Super Bowl 50." These numbers almost rival the annual SF LGBT Parade, which see anywhere from 1 to 1.2 million visitors per year.

Pat Gallagher, who is in charge of marketing and communications for the big event, had this to say about the impending Bay Area Super Bowl: "We are not Miami. We are not New Orleans. We are going to (host the Super Bowl) our own way. We want to spread the visitor experience not just to San Francisco and Santa Clara but up through the Wine Country and as far east as possible.”

Did you hear that? Football — a problematic spectacle that champions the dark side of male dominance and brutality; and has, in part, helped turn a good chunk the U.S. education system and experience into a running booze-soaked gag — will spread like a virus, up to Anderson Valley and over the Orinda. Chilling.

On the plus side, "this will be the most giving Super Bowl ever." And "an estimated 25 percent of all money the host committee raises going to local charities." So, you know, at least there's that. But in all seriousness, folks, the Super Bowl will be a big boon for the city.

Update: Thanks to all of you who've commented, expressing displeasure with this piece. It gave us a lot to discuss! San Francisco will probably be fine, and it will provide great economic benefits to the city. In penance, now I will donate what I was paid for this post to the the Sports Legacy Institute.

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