Someone whose evil knows no bounds — think Satan or the creator of Diet Pepsi, only worse — played a horrific joke on the poor, probably stoned kids at UC Berkeley. See, this banner appeared on an abandoned storefront on Telegraph Avenue today, announcing a new In-N-Out. People cheered, church bells rang, the Evil Queen was struck dead by the sword, the glass slipper fit. But, sigh, it was all a hoax. A senior prank.

Just look at Eliza here. She's so happy, so at peace. Little does she know...

And what about little Jameson? Will he ever rediscover hope again? Is his once rock-solid faith in a higher power all but torn to shreds? (Answers: no, yes.)

And poor Nadin. She has learned early what many of us learn much later in life — namely, life cannot be that great.

Today we are all Berkeley. #BerkeleyStrong

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