There was a time when people sneered at the idea that people would consider renting their homes to unsupervised strangers. And who would have taken a ride in some rando's car a couple years ago, especially a rando who demands a fist bump? But here we are a few years into the Age of the Sharing Economy (it's no Aquarius, but what is?), most of us having Airbnbed on one side or the other, as we ride in pink-mustachioed cars to our possible doom.

SFist pal Susie Cagle hopped ahead of the curve, visualizing "new start-up opportunities in this 'new' economy," including Sickr (as seen above) and "Chore Children" (tagline: "They have so much free time!"). You can see all her Sharing 2.0 concepts here, but before you snicker, remember that there's a dude who's making $50 a night on DogVaycay. This shit is happening.