The concept of a European-style market hall has been trending around town, many years after Oakland's Rockridge got theirs. First there was 331 Cortland over in Bernal, with its rotating vendor stalls, and now there's Second Act Marketplace in the old Red Vic space in the Upper Haight (which happens to feature a couple of the same vendors as 331 Cortland, Anda Piroshki and Spice Hound). Even the new Local Mission Market could be called a part of this trend, with all its local/artisan fare and house-made pantry items. Now here comes another headed for the Castro, in the base of one of the half dozen new residential complexes under construction or newly open in the neighborhood.

As Socketsite reports, that's the plan for two of the three retail spaces in the ground floor of 2175 Market Street — an 88-unit apartment complex from Forest City now under construction at the intersection of Market, 15th Street, and Sanchez. The developer is seeking a restaurant tenant from one of the three ground-floor spaces, but they're heading to Planning this week to seek approval to combine two of the spaces into a 3,900-square-foot food emporium with multiple vendor stalls, and "possibly a bar."

This week's Planning Commission agenda shows that the Planning Department has recommended the project for approval, so it's likely to get approved. If not approved, the developer is set to look for a second restaurant tenant.