At Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting, D8 supe Scott Wiener introduced the latest plan to try improving the BART's and Muni's after-hours transit options. This isn't the first time we've heard that one before.

Like the rest of San Francisco has been urging for years, Wiener has called for better, safer, economical public transit options for people who work and/or party into the wee hours. It doesn't help that late night transbay bus service can be sporadic. And, frankly, we were sort of surprised to notice that Muni OWL buses still exist.

Wiener's proposal won't immediately solve any of those problems, but it will, at least, get a group of stakeholders and transit experts together to talk about a plan to improve how we get around after last call in San Francisco and Oakland. The working group will involve input from BART, AC Transit, and Muni, among others.

BART has teased late-night service on and off for years now — the closest we've come to 24-hour train service was but for a couple glorious days when the Bay Bridge was closed for repairs — which they claim isimpossible to maintain on a regular basis. That said, the agency is ready to launch yet another test program (in the works for two years) that will provide buses between San Francisco and the East Bay between 12:30 am and 2:30 am. Alas, this barely gives Walnut Creek residents time to grab a slice of crappy pizza before stumbling back home.