Over at Hoodline, our friends in the Lower Haight remember the big one via an interview with 108-year-old earthquake survivor Bill del Monte, who, at more than a century old, has some astounding stories to tell.

Del Monte, who now lives in Marin, was the son of a Fior D'Italia co-owner (the restaurant has its own rich history) and was only three months old when the quake hit. According to the survivor, his mother wrapped him in tablecloth while she and the rest of his family fled down flame-engulfed Broadway Street to the Ferry Building to catch a boat across the Bay.

Bill, who's still spry for a 107-year-old, tells Hoodline some old memories of various neighborhoods — e.g., attending school in the Mission, swimming at Sutro Baths, and missing out on the Summer of Love because he was too old to be part of the counterculture. However, when it comes to the biggest issue looking over contemporary San Francisco — the tech industry — Bill charmingly boils down Silicon Valley to a bunch of guys working in their garages:

Read the whole thing, which also includes more choice quotes as well as a second major earthquake survival story from Del Monte.

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