Friday: Post-Media Work by Xavier MTW
Xavier MTW describes himself as "Artist. Nerd. Porn actor." Friday night he's focusing on the first of those, as it's the opening night of his "Life in the 2nd Dimension" exhibition at The Performance Art Institute (120 Turk Street). "The exhibit features well as a selection of video work presented as an amalgam of video, performance, music/sound, sculpture, painting, and installation-based modalities," event organizers say. The show opens Friday at 7 PM, and at 8 PM Xavier MTW will present a live video/performance. Is it terrible that during that performance, I am hoping his second and third aforementioned self-descriptors come into play? Yes, probably.


Saturday: Play for the Planet
The SF Zoo is having what they bill as its "biggest Earth Day Celebration ever," themed around animal conservation and caring for the environment. On Saturday (and Sunday) from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, visit the Zoo's Elinor Friend Playground and Playfield Lawn for live entertainment, lawn games, a scavenger hunt, crafts from SCRAP, face painting (of course, what's Earth Day without a painted face?), "Keeper Talks" at Otters (1:30), Squirrel Monkeys (2:00), and Polar Bears (2:30). On Saturday there's a Conservation Lecture and Demonstration at noon, featuring "Conservation Detection Dogs." That last one is what really sold this event for me. I am dying to learn more about these dogs! This event is free with paid Zoo admission, ticket prices and options are here.

Sunday: Wizard People, Dear Reader
When you look at the Roxie Theater's site, you'll see that they're showing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Sunday. This is not exactly true: they are actually screening Wizard People, Dear Reader "an unauthorized, and hilarious, alternative soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, from comic book artist Brad Neely. "I didn't want to do 'Mystery Science Theater,'" Neely says. "Anybody can make fun of a shitty movie or get a few good lines in. What I wanted to do was not make fun of the movie...but build something around that preexisting thing." Watch the video above (there is swearing, so turn the volume down if you're in mixed company) for a taste, or go to the Roxie (3117 - 16th Street, between Valencia and Guerrero) for the whole thing on Sunday at 4:20 PM. Tickets are $12, you can get them here.

While you're there, say "hi" to the SF Zoo's baby giraffe, who is meeting a zebra in this photo by Sandi Wong, via SF Zoo/Facebook