Residents of the six-story building that suffered that two-alarm fire yesterday at 87 Dolores Street will likely be allowed back in their homes today after power is restored to the building — all but those who lived on the more heavily damaged top floor. A temporary shelter and gathering place was set up for them in the Whole Foods parking garage yesterday evening, and as they tell ABC 7, the fire department was especially good at saving pets who were trapped in apartments with their owners not at home. "They were really good at getting the cats out," said resident Jason West. "They brought them out one after another — wet and smoky but they got them out."

The fire, which is still under investigation, appears to have started in a sixth floor unit and spread to an attic space and to the building's roof. Firefighters were able to extinguish it within about an hour after opening up a portion of the roof.

It appears that the six units on the building's top floor sustained enough water damage that the nine residents who lived in them will be displaced. The rest of the building seems to be unscathed, however, and it sounds like the rest of the tenants will be let back in today.

And did you know that this was just one of three fires that were reported all within a half hour of each other late yesterday afternoon? Another fire broke out on 42nd Avenue, and a third broke out on the roof of the Andronico's on Irving.

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