Well, that didn't take long: just days after the New York Times discovered the quaint, light industrial charm of Mission Creek (known to the rest of us as just "the Eastern part of the Mission"), and a proposal to level almost an entire block worth of exposed brick has hit the planning department.

The plan would tear down five buildings, or most of the block between Bryant and Florida Streets from 18th to 19th Street. In their place would be 276 new rental units (which the city desperately needs to be sure) built around two inner courtyards. (So, not too different from other nondescript complexes in the neighborhood.) 44 of those units would be made available below market rate. It would also come with 151 parking spaces and room for 161 bicycles, as well as 4,300 square feet of retail space that could become the next cocktail hotspot along the stretch of Florida Street that the Times loved so much.

Among the buildings slated to be demolished is Inner Mission (formerly CELLspace), a community arts space in the neighborhood. Although the plans still need to go through a couple rounds of approvals and potentially contentious neighborhood hearings, it should be noted that the Planning Department, possibly anticipating potential backlash, has already urged the developers to include another community arts space in their plans moving forward.

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