In a move that should surprise no one, politically bedraggled Senator Leland Yee pulled out of the race for California Secretary of State today. Sacto Bee reports: "He sent a letter to Secretary of State Debra Bowen today announcing his immediate resignation from the race for the office that oversees California elections."

Don't be surprised, however, to see his name on the ballot. as "state law prohibits Yee's name from being removed from the ballot because he's already declared his candidacy."

In a massive complaint (pfd), Yee was arrested on Wednesday and charged with bribery and corruption. He's accused of asking for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover agent to an arms trafficker, among other very, very bad behavior.

Update: Yee's letter of withdraw, short and to the point, leaving little room for a close reading: "I hereby withdraw my candidacy for election of Secretary of State, effective immediately. With best regards, Leland Yee"


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