I have a few favorite spring songs. There's Nina Simone's "Another Spring." Jobim's "The Waters of March." And there's the little known musical theater number, "I Feel So Much Spring," which is the optimistic finale from William Finn's A New Brain. And it's time to start singing them again.

The time change on Sunday, while always a little enervating on Monday when you realize you lost another hour of sleep, gives us the pleasure of longer twilights and slower evenings. And this week there'll be some warm ones, with the temperatures going up all week long and supposedly hitting 73 by Saturday with full sun (which could mean 80 in the heart of the Mission). Make sure to water your plants, but preferably with grey water you've reclaimed from your showers because we can't spare much.

So put away the flannel, pack a hoodie for the post-8 p.m. hours, and get outside as much as you can. You could use the vitamin D. And there are still many trees just starting to bud, and those little chartreuse bursts, free of the soot they'll attract in the coming months, are so damn pretty right now.