In a move that really should have happened sooner, Facebook will now let you block articles and content from individual sites that you'd just rather not see in your news feed anymore. It may very well save countless friendships that might otherwise be soured by an overload of Internet quiz results.

Blocking by site works exactly the same way as blocking your Tea Party cousin who shares all the chemtrail videos, except it puts a stop to everything coming from the specific site without actually unfriending them. That way you get to keep all the baby pictures and vacation photos, without all the bull.

Now that we've been blessed with this godsend from Menlo Park, you can ban whatever site you like the next time an offender pops up: just click the down arrow on the top-right of the post and click "Hide all from [Sitename]." Then sit back and enjoy the zen-like tranquility of your news feed.

[H/t: On The Media]