Who are these people who don't enjoyed being filmed? What's the matter, can't find your light? Can't watch your hootchiness? Well, the Willows has you covered. After last month's gadget-related brouhaha at Molotov's, a bar in SoMa, which has seen a sharp increase with the maker sect due to its close proximity to Mid-Market, has officially banned the use of Google Glass.

So there.

BrokeAss Stuart came across this signage the other night. If you plan on sporting your Glass at the Willows, don't. For it will raise eyebrows. Yes, eventually, like the widespread cellphone banning that was popular in the late '90s'early '00s but late subsided, Glass shunning will fade away. Until then, use with caution.

Molotov's has put a sign up banning recording but it doesn't say glass specifically.

Last month, if you recall, an incident at Lower Haight's Molotov's garnered international media attention after PR consultant Sarah Slocum claimed she was attacked by unruly bar patrons. (You can watch video of the alleged assault here.)