On weeks like this, when the Internet echo chamber rattles way too much and everyone on the planet seems to be up in arms over a couple people who all acted like goons towards each other in a bar that still has a cement floor and a pinball machine and a jukebox that takes quarters— sometimes, after a week like that, you just need to put on a bright, glossy HD video of nature for some perspective. And if that video could have a really fucking triumphant soundtrack, that'd be great. This is that video:

Project Yosemite is the work of Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill and the video above is actually a sequel to 2012's zen-titled "Yosemite HD." For their latest shareable film, Neill and Delehanty covered over 200 miles of California's most popular national park while carrying 70 pounds of gear and shot video on 45 total days since 2012. These are people who worked for their 6 million views:

[Project Yosemite]
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