Here's a heartwarming statistic dredged up from Facebook's data mines: San Franciscans are the least likely people in the country to commit to a relationship. (Or commit to updating their relationship status, at least.)

The information comes from the company's own Valentine's Day trends report, which looked at the percentage of single people in the top 50 cities in the country and the rate at which people pair off. Apparently if you wanted to settle down, you should have moved to Colorado Springs, which has the lowest percentage of single people and the highest rate of "relationship formation" in the country. We can only assume this has something to do with keeping warm in those Rocky Mountain winters.


Closer to home though, Facebook analyzed check-ins at local businesses to determine which ones get busier in the week before Valentine's Day. Topping the list is noted Marina bar Stock & Trade, where local straight ladies will probably have an easy pick from the San Francisco sausagefest. The report also confirmed what any single person in town already knows: that the city has the highest ratio of single males to single females.

[H/T: The Verge]

(Via: Facebook)