Today in San Francisco, French President François Hollande met with fellow adultery scandal survivor Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, humble mustache support system Mayor Ed Lee and a cabal of notable tech luminaries to discuss everyone's current beau: Silicon Valley's tech industry.

The seven-hour jaunt to San Francisco is the first time a French president has visited "the Paris of the West" in 30 years and Hollande was intent on getting himself a sweet piece of tech money while here. According to the AP, the French government is offering to support any French ex-pats in Silicon Valley. Also present during the lunch gathering at La Folie were Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter's Jack Dorsey, and CEO Marc Benioff.

Although Hollande was here to showcase his country's new business-friendly policy, two Parisienne Bloomberg reporters were quick to imply Lean-In author Sandberg could barely withstand the French President's unrelenting sex appeal and Costanza-esque hairstyle. Perhaps Hollande, who was recently caught leaving his mistress' house on the back of a scooter, could also get a few tips from Schmidt on how to set up his own $15 million sex penthouse.

According to Time Magazine, America and France have let "Freedom Fries" be bygones and have quickly become BFFs. "France and the U.S. have rarely looked closer," Time notes, and it's impossible to escape French cultural influence now that even the Russians are staging "Get Lucky" cover videos. On the other hand, France is not exactly happy with Google. The country's privacy agency fined Google $200,000 last month for their