SFLuxe published its third annual "Bay Area Billionaires" list. Some of you didn't make the cut. Pathetic. But still, what a list it is! Larry Ellison made it the to the top, of course, coming in at $41.2 billion. With Evan Williams, Peter Fenton, Robert Pera, Nicholas Woodman, Sheryl Sandberg being new editions to the tony tax bracket.

"Over 10 percent of the richest Americans live here, and this is who they are," reports SFLuxe. While the Bold Italic reports, "of the 65 on the list, 25 live in San Francisco." So next time you spot one of these rare birds in Dolores Park, ask them if you can borrow $40. (You know they have $40 to spare.) They'll be happy you did.

A few notables:

4. Mark Zuckerberg (net worth: $28.2 Billion/Facebook) — Lives in the Mission; might secretly be just a nice guy.
9. Dustin Moskovitz ($7.9 Billion/Facebook) — Was played by the wildly handsome Joseph Mazzello in The Social Network.
17. Charles Schwab ($3.97 Billion) — Keeps the shit real old-school style.
19. Evan Williams ($3.8 Billion) — He's @ev, the coolest-sounding Twitter handle.
25. Marc Benioff ($2.9 Billion) — More importantly, he looks like Joyce's husband on RHOBH.
34. William Randolph Hearst III ($2.2 Billion) — A Hearst, for Christ's sake, who was once the managing editor of Outside magazine.
38. Gordon Getty ($2 Billion/oil fortune inheritance) — Keeper of secrets. Many, many secrets.
42. Sean Parker ($2 Billion/Facebook) — He hurt Big Sur. Or something like that.

See you at Burning Man, guys.