At the risk of ripping off your scabs without giving the wounds time to heal, here's a 15-minute YouTube conspiracy theory video about how the NFL rigged the NFC Championship in favor of the Seahawks. It's chock full of intrigue and/or utter nonsense.

It begins:

NFL has been fixing games since the early 2000s. Players and coaches are not involved, only league officials. Public interest in the NFL is at an all time high, and the past few seasons have seen record TV ratings in several of the playoff games. The incentive to "create" the best possible games is too great for the NFL to pass up.

All of the players and the game being played are of course real, but the outcomes of certain games are "steered" in the desired direction, often in the biggest games. Sometimes the NFL fails when attempting to fix a game, when the desired winner loses, even though all the calls go against them... But usually they are successful.

The NFC championship was decided on the final play. If a team makes ONE MORE PLAY than the other team, usually that team is the winner.

In this game, the team that made far MORE plays was the loser.

Wheels within wheels, man. Wheels within wheels.

While YouTube runneth over with inane conspiracy videos, this one's garnered more than 100,000 views, most likely from scores of Niners fans who should probably just move on at this point. Anyway, the video: