In a nearly unprecedented move, the tech industry is being told it can't do whatever it wants in San Francisco. The four-story Google barge structure floating in the Bay, it seems, doesn't have its permits in the order. The Treasure Island Development Authority and the city of San Francisco are to blame. Now the state of California is forcing it to move from the aquatic construction site it currently calls home.

Washington Post has the story:

The investigation found that neither the Treasure Island Development Authority nor the city of San Francisco had applied for required permits for the work to be done at the site.

[San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission Executive Director Larry Goldzband] said Google can resolve the issue by moving the barge to one of the fully permitted construction facilities in the San Francisco Bay.

"It needs to move," he said.

Back in December, if you recall, investigation into the barge/showroom/"technology learning center" began. Will the state's red tape mean that Google has to cease its barge operations? Hardly. The floating tech barge will likely just move someplace else in the Bay more suitable.