You've been preparing for this day since you saw your first Playboy, walked in on your older brother doing ... something, and had your first awkward one night stand. Now, it's finally time for all that knowledge you're accumulated to good use (besides, of course, making you a healthy, happy and sexually educated adult).

Let it all hang out (your impeccable inventory of sex facts, that is) at tonight's Sex Trivia night at Virgil's Sea Room. Organized as a benefit for Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific, the event offers prizes such as Good Vibrations goodies, a San Francisco Armory Kink Tour, gift certificates from local eateries and shops, and "exclusive Planned Parenthood swag" (we assume this will be sourced from PP's legendary condom and lube emporium).

The competition will take the form of a classic pub trivia night, with team of 2 to 6 people competing through five rounds of questions that span everything from sex history to pop-culture to public policy and sex toys. You don't have to drink to play, but since a portion of the drink specials money goes to PPSP, you probably should (there'll be non-alcoholic drink specials, too).

Team sign-ups and drink specials being at 5:30pm, and trivia starts at 7pm.

Sex Trivia Night
Virgil's Sea Room
3152 Mission Street