As we noted yesterday, it wasn't the worst year we can remember our municipal transit system having in recent memory, but it wasn't a great one! Here's our roundup of the ways in which Muni did its usual job of sucking, and occasionally injuring people, in 2013.

And they've still got a few hours left, but we're hoping for the best for all those of you relying on Muni for your New Year's getting-around.

We begin with an incident that, admittedly, was not Muni (or BART's) fault.

March 11
Man Killed In Montgomery Muni/BART Elevator Shaft
The man appeared to be homeless, and had somehow gotten into the elevator shaft to sleep on top of an elevator car, where he was subsequently crushed.

April 4
Muni Driver Struck By Muni Bus In Muni Yard
They're not even safe among their own.

May 23
Muni Meltdown Hobbles Commute This Morning, Last Night
Tale as old as time: Some faulty overhead wires on the N-Judah and J-Church lines cause system-wide meltdown that affects two days worth of commutes.

June 17
Mayor Lee Unveils New Fleet Of Hybrid Muni Buses That Immediately Break Down
A nice little PR snafu on the day that the mayor unveiled a new fleet of 62 biodiesel-electric hybrid Muni coaches — the bus carrying the mayor and his team from Pier 48 back to City Hall broke down on the way there, and they had to get off and wait for the next one.

June 20
Muni Bus Crashes Into Car At Fell & Masonic
This was a nasty one at one of the city's craziest intersections. Bus driver injured, Volkswagen smashed up. Big mess.

July 17
Foot-racers beat the 22-Fillmore over Fillmore hill, like they always do

August 2
38 Geary Catches Fire

August 8
Muni Bus Catches Fire On Geary Boulevard
Yep, this happened twice in a week.

August 26
Muni Bus And Tour Bus Collide In The Financial District

September 3
N-Judah Hits Pedestrian At 9th Avenue
We're pretty sure she survived.

September 6
Private Shuttle Bus And Historic Muni Car Collide
The F-line gets into fender-benders sometimes, too.

September 17
Four riders suffer minor injuries when Muni bus stops short to avoid collision [Bay City News]

September 18
City Audits Muni, Finds That It Indeed Sucks
It turns out, due to drivers on sick leave and a lack of trained backup drivers, the system canceled 38 runs a day, on average, last year.

October 2
14-Mission Bus Hits Car, Three Passengers Hospitalized
This happened at 20th and Mission, and the car was trying to pull out of a parking space. Maybe they should have known that the bus was not going to slow down, let alone stop, for them?

October 10
N-Judah Collides With Car In The Sunset

October 18
Cyclist Killed By Muni Bus Near Bryant And Division
A 27-Bryant killed an elderly man, 78-year-old Cheng Jin Lai, during the morning commute in a chaotic intersection. It remains unclear who was at fault.

November 13
Muni Train Takes Off From Castro Station Full Of Passengers, Without Driver
This was a fun one. Thankfully no one was hurt.

December 29
Teen Struck By Muni Train In Bayview, Train Does Not Stop
Details are still few on this one, but it seems as though the T-line operator did not know that he or she had struck a 17-year-old girl near Third and Hollister.

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