"Look, this is New Year's Eve," says Uber CEO Travis Kalanick regarding his company's possibly prickly price point come tomorrow night. Via this helpful video, he's trying to tell you that the city's chicest rideshare system could cost you, depending on the hour you choose to giddy-up.

"If it's before 8 pm on New Year's Eve, you're good," Kalanick goes on it say. "But from 8pm to 10:30, it's hot. It's like a typical friday or Saturday night. There's going to be some surge, but generally not too terrible. Fifty percent [or] higher."

Something else to keep in mind: Uber should warn you of a price spike prior to ordering. Be sure to take note before pinpointing your location. A few weeks ago, if you recall, an L.A. woman claims to have been charged $357 for a ride from West L.A. to Hollywood during an Uber price-jump period. Oops.

And if you can't afford Uber, here are other transportation options for New Year's Eve:

- Take a cab. Always an adrenaline-pumping crapshoot these days.
- Take Muni. It's free!
- Homobiles. We love it. So should you.
- Drive your car, DADDY WARBUCKS.
- Ride a bike.
- Find other rideshare options* (e.g., Lyft, Sidecar)
- Walk. Just be sure to walk with another buddy. Too often we see some sad stumbling liver-soaked sap wander alone onto Eddy and Jones. Don't be that person. You could, you know, die.

*UPDATE: Lyft And Sidecar Won't Save You From High New Year's Eve Fares Either