Matier and Ross are just putting this out there: Tom Ammiano is so far the strongest progressive opponent for Mayor Ed Lee when he comes up for re-election in 2015. The openly gay state assemblyman will be termed out next year, and according to a new poll commissioned by the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, he's currently a frontrunner among potential candidates to vie for the Mayor's Office next time around.

67 percent of likely voters polled named the "affordability crisis" as their top political priority, and that could indicate a willingness to vote progressive in the next mayoral election — "progressive" of course being our local euphemism for the left-of-left-of-center politicos of S.F., as opposed to the more business-friendly-but-still-liberal Democrats who put Mayor Lee in office.

Ammiano had the support of 33 percent of those polled, while Mayor Lee still holds 42 percent support, but a nine-point margin may not mean much by the time elections roll around. And the recent referendum against 8 Washington might indicate a voting populace leaning away from Lee's pro-development attitude. (Lee will of course probably have a better funded campaign, though, given his embrace of the tech industry and the backing of Willie Brown and Rose Pak's Chinatown.)

As Ammiano told the mustachio'd duo, "I'm not shopping for drapes just yet."

Though we don't know the percentages each got in the poll, other potential candidates who scored less than Ammiano included City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Supervisor John Avalos, and former Mayor Art Agnos.

The poll also showed that Lee still enjoys a 51-percent approval rating.

For those interested, the Milk Club is having a happy hour on Friday, December 20 at Beaux, and we wouldn't be surprised if Ammiano showed up.

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