It doesn't seem deadly out there, but the stillness in the air these past few December days means that the particulate matter isn't blowing around and it's reaching dangerous concentrations around the Bay. The Air Quality Management District has declared the fifth Spare the Air Day in a row for today, with no end to them in sight.

The first winter Spare the Air Day was declared just a couple weeks back, on November 25, and now we've had a total of ten already, which must spell trouble for anyone with a pile of leaves they've been itching to burn. Also, it's frustrating for anyone with a fireplace on these frigidly cold nights we've been having. But who has a working fireplace?

And, as we've pointed out before, Spare the Air restrictions technically apply to restaurants as well, but with so many of them operating wood-burning ovens and grills these days, we know they're not shutting them down in fear of a fine — though this vigilante neighbor near Kokkari just loves to stick video camera out his window to prove that that restaurant flouts the law regularly.

At least this isn't Shanghai. Just sayin.

Sidebar: We just discovered this local YouTuber who likes to take video of chemtrails in the sky over her San Francisco home on Spare the Air Days. Evil government agents clearly do not respect Spare the Air either. (If you don't know what chemtrails are, well, that's because they're not an actual thing.)

Once again, if you feel the need to tattle on a neighbor, do so here.


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