The ongoing saga of Google's mysterious barge/Glass showroom/"technology learning center" continues this week with news that the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission announcing that they've launched a formal investigation to try and get some answers out of the company.

Although it sounds intimidating, the Conservation and Development Commission's investigation is less like a naval inquiry and more like a paperwork check to make sure all the proper construction permits are in order. "We want to make sure that the permits that are used by the owners of the pier actually allowed for construction to happen," commission executive director Larry Goldzband told Reuters, describing the inquiry as "a preliminary and formal enforcement investigation."

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is getting in on the action too, as it is their standard procedure to make sure new vessels are built up to code. According to Goldzband, the Coast Guard has already handed over several tweaks to the design.

Google, for their part, remains quiet about the whole thing. And, somewhat surprisingly, no waterfront protection groups have stepped forward to start their handwringing process.

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