Well, here it is, folks: our first look at the MTV's last-ditch effort to revive their once-great Real World series. The twist this year comes halfway through the cast's stay in San Francisco, when their exes show up and move into their Polk Street party pad. Sparks fly! Tensions rise! Dubstep plays! Someone gets pregnant!


Some choice quotes from the 90-second teaser:

  • "What the fuck?"
  • "I just got done having sex with you."
  • "I got my ex-boyfriend here and my friends with benefits here."
  • "Oops."
  • "You only get one second chance."

Mercifully, the city of San Francisco doesn't seem to play much of a role as it did in that classic season and the location apparently takes a backseat to the drama. Anyhow, MTV's only second chance kicks off next month on January 15th.

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