Black Friday is on the way, and that means it's time for the familiar, creeping, awful realization that gift-giving is back on the agenda. But what to gift that one intransigent person on your list who's already got everything or who simply hates everything and everyone? How about a 1,100 square feet Victorian bordello?

Currently advertised on Craigslist for the low low cost of $40,000 (including breakdown and delivery within the Bay Area), the two-story structure was built almost entirely from salvaged materials by American Steel in West Oakland. Sided with old-growth redwood planks, framed and decked with old-growth Douglas fir, and outfitted with Victorian doors, two prodigious porches, trim, windows and light fixtures, the structure is kind of a steal. It's even wired with 17 electrical outlets and 3 sets of switches with dimmers. Dimmers!

Dubbed OakTown Hall, the house was a collaborative community project that took over 50 artists, builders and craftsmen to build. Unsurprisingly, it has made the trip to Burning Man. Financial considerations have placed it on the chopping block, but if you like it, you can contract that crew for something custom to fit your needs at roughly the same cost.

The catch? The structure is built to exist indoors, and won't be fit for outdoor installation without some modifications. But at 40-feet wide and 20-feet tall, the house really is the perfect gift for anyone with a large warehouse, flight hanger or spacious and painfully hip tech office to house it. And nothing will say happy anniversary, will you marry me, get well soon or merry Christmas quite like this. If interested, go ahead and contact Doug.