Oh, Valencia Street. The fine folks over at Mission Mission have word (and imagery!) on an alleged assault that happened on Friday Wednesday night. A Valencia Street resident was reportedly attacked inside his apartment building after accidentally brushing up next to a fellow pedestrian. The suspect turned figuratively chafe after failing to receive a courtesy "oh sorry." That's when things got stupid.

The victim recounts his story to Mission Mission:

“WANTED FOR ASSAULT: WED. 10/30 9:16PM This man stalked me home into my apartment lobby and punched me in the head and jaw several times after I brushed by him at 18th and Valencia as he was standing in the crowded street looking at his phone. The last thing he said was “I know where you live!” Caucasian, 5′ 10″, 30-35, 170-180 lbs, short dark hair. He was wearing a tan or gray sweater and blue jeans. If anyone has any information on this attack please call the SFPD: (415) 558-5400, case #130922883. Flyers will be going up all over town….”

More details TK. Until then...