From the ride-sharing service that brought you on-demand ice cream and app-available Tamale Lady comes a new, even more sinister temptation: on-demand kitten snuggles. Apparently today is National Cat Day (although any cat would tell you that every day is National Cat Day), and Uber has teamed up with irrelevant meme machine Cheezburger to shuttle kittens to world-weary urbanites in NYC, San Francisco and Seattle. Between the hours of 11am and 4pm, $20 gets your 15 minutes of snuggle time and "designer cupcakes," and 100% of proceeds will go to a local shelter partner in each city to help animals find homes.

"It may take multiple tries to find available kittens. Please be patient! We’ll be working all day to deliver as many kitten snuggles as possible," assures the company's blog, which is also helping to facilitate adoptions. Is it a calculated marketing move for the SF-based company? Most assuredly, and we feel kind of manipul--but KITTENS! Fluffy squirmy kittens! Kittens and cupcakes and snuggles!

Well played, Uber, well played.