On Saturday, if you recall, two BART transit worker were killed after being struck by a moving train. This was Day 2 of the strike. BART authorities, according to Matier and Ross, accidentally sent a cop and chaplain to the wrong house to deliver the news.

After Saturday's accident, BART sent a police officer, chaplain and counselor to a worker's home to deliver the tragic news to the man's family that he was one of those killed.

According to our sources, the man's wife was a little surprised. "I just spoke to my husband five minutes ago, and he's not dead," the woman told her visitors.

Turns out BART's human resources people had dispatched the team to the wrong house.


The two deceased workers have identified as Laurence Daniels, a railroad consulting engineer from Fair Oaks, and Christopher Sheppard, an AFSCME union member since 2012.

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