A San Francisco co-working space called the Hacker Hideout, which describes itself as a community center for "thinkers and builders; tech lovers and business moguls; students and teachers alike" is throwing a pre-Halloween bash with a less-than-innovative take on a played-out frat party theme. The event, which happens this Friday, is being billed as a "Hackers & Hookers" party with attractions including: "Beer. Dance Floor. Shot Bar. Food Truck. Girls."

The clueless event, which seems completely oblivious to the current conversation regarding women in technology, asked attendees to "Show us your KILLER good looks - be it nerdy, terrifying or oh-so-sexy!" and quickly drew backlash to the group's Facebook page. The group posted the hasty response below, blaming the attacks on competing co-working spaces and startups before completely deleting their Facebook group about 45 minutes later (sic throughout):

IMPORTANT RESPONSE: It has come to our intention that a recent event being hosted in our facilitates has caused some upset and offended some people out there. We would like to start by saying it was not our intention to offend or upset anyone, but it can be hard to please the whole world and the different cultures, values and beliefs that exists.

Having said that, it was for a Halloween pre-part and it was all in the spirit of good fun and humor. However, it seems that some disgruntled residents who decided to take advantage of the office space provided, and asked to leave, and others posting who failed to disclosed they are competitors with their own work spaces around SF, are hoping to blow the event and its intentions out of proportion.

The posts made and deleted were from such people mentioned above or their friends, so no we are no going leave up biased and false statements about our intentions or about our company.

We respect the views and concerns that have been put forth by the community and have taken down the event for review of content as we appreciate constructive feedback from our REAL members.

Requests for comment from the event coordinators were not immediately returned, but the Eventbrite page still stands and, as of this writing, you can reserve your $10 all-you-can drink tickets to the bash.

A quick browse through the group's website, however, reveals a space that is just even more depressingly sophomoric than we might have imagined: the 10,000 square foot, two-floor warehouse mentioned in the flyer looks more like an empty flop house in the Bayview. ("Walking distance from the T-Line Muni!") Amenities include an empty garage with a couple of tables, bare mattresses on the floor and, of course, a barbecue on the roof deck.

Buzzfeed's John Herrman dug up a few more details on the sketchy-sounding co-working/living space: It costs $700 a month for a shared room on AirBnB, does not come with WiFi and "seems like a thin ploy to lure tech-inclined out-of-towners into a less-than-ideal living situation."