Tech bros, Hollywood flacks, Dodgers fans, out of towners buying up all of our rentals for exorbitant amounts of money: the Kimye Engagement party at AT&T Park last night was a confluence of things San Franciscans love to complain about.

The stadium rental alone cost $200,000 and that's before shelling out twenty grand to use the scoreboard to light up the "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" message, which actually sounds more terrifying than anything.

As for the musical entertainment: we don't have any estimates about how much it costs to fly out a 50-piece orchestra from Chicago, but we did learn that they performed the Keri Hilson (ft. Kanye) track "Knock You Down" as well as that Lana Del Rey song from The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

Since the Tech is the Bay Area's Hollywood, it makes sense that some of Silicon Valley's least likable personalities were invited to take part in the festivities. As Valleywag points out, most of the Valley's nerd A-List were in attendance at what has been dubbed Kimye's "love IPO." There's venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar who has his hands in Uber and Tumblr, and has been using his connections to pivot from a tech investor to celebrity-adjacent human/Instagram prop. Noted VC Ben Horowitz was spotted alongside's Mahbod "I'mma rape you in your mouth" Moghadam to make the hip hop-tech crossover complete.

Alexis Traina, who is actually cool and boasts Dede Wilsey for a mother-in-law, was also in attendance. (Although no word yet on what her old guard in-laws and their cohorts thought about the whole thing.)

And then there are the actual Hollywood types: poorly coiffed Jonathan Cheban, a PR man and failed reality star who also runs a company that makes mirrors for your iPhone, managed to get someone to take this on-field photo of him with the chilly-looking bride-to-be:

As if that weren't enough, noted douchebag and criminal Joe Francis made an appearance, just to really highlight how gross the intersection of fame and fortune can be when it gets instagrammed ad nauseam.

Yeezus is still quite an album though, we'll give him that.