Bay Area Bike Share launched back in August and although it has generally been considered a success, our biggest gripe with it were the large swaths of San Francisco left without bikes and docking stations. (The bike-friendly Mission, in particular, seemed like an oversight.) As planned, the system is ready to start rolling out to more neighborhoods, they just need your input on where to put the docking stations.

During an open house tonight, Wednesday, October 16th from 5:30 - 7 p.m. at the LGBT Community Center on Market Street, folks from the SFMTA and BABS will be hearing your concerns, taking feedback and letting the community help plan the next phase. For now, that plan only includes expanding along the edges of the current service area to the Mission, the Castro, Hayes Valley and Mission Bay, but more bikes and a wider service area is definitely an overall improvement.

For anyone who can't be there in person to ask for a docking station around the corner from their house should head over to the SFMTA's suggestion page to drop a pin on the map or support other people's suggested sites. We'd personally like to see the bikes popping up west of Alamo Square, but bike share rides through Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle are apparently farther off than spring 2014.

[Open House Event Details]
[SFMTA Bike Share Suggestion Map]