Two women were terrorized Wednesday night by someone in a white pickup truck who shot at them and then possibly chased them all the way from I-880 in San Leandro to I-80 in Richmond. The incident is being characterized as one of road rage, but it's kind of messed up!

Details are a little weird with this one. Basically, we know that a single shot, or multiple shots were fired around 9:45 p.m. between two cars near the Marina Boulevard exit in San Leandro. One shot hit a black Honda Accord driven by one female, and the bullet hit her female passenger in the leg. The shot was allegedly fired from a white pickup truck.

The passenger reported the shooting at 9:48, but the driver proceeded to drive another 20 minutes north to Richmond, possibly because they were being pursued by the shooter. According to NBC Bay Area, there was actually a "shootout," which makes this a little more complicated.

The Honda driver and the passenger pulled off I-80 and into the parking lot of an Orchard Supply hardware store near Potrero Avenue in Richmond, where they fled the car and the injured passenger called 911 again.

She was treated for injuries, which were non-life-threatening.

The motive for the shooting, or the inciting incident, remain unclear, and the driver remains at large.

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