A horrible incident happened after Wednesday's Giants-Dodgers game near AT&T Park. A Dodgers fan was stabbed to death near Third and Harrison in SoMa at around 11:30 p.m., "less than 90 minutes after the game ended at the ballpark a few blocks to the south."

The Chronicle has more:

Officers responded to reports that 10 people, including both Dodgers and Giants fans, were involved in a fight, with one man armed with a knife and a second man armed with a bat. Further details of how the confrontation occurred have not been released.

It was not immediately known whether Denver attended the game, but he was wearing Dodgers gear, said Police Chief Greg Suhr.

According to NBC Bay Area, the fight started after comments were made about their Dodgers apparel. The victim was with his brother and father who were wearing Dodger blue when he was stabbed.

At least three people have been detained and are being questioned about the murder.

Longtime rivals, the other most notorious incident that happened prior to last night was when Giants fan Bryan Stow was brutally beaten in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after the opening of the 2011 season in Los Angeles. This also comes on the heels of violence at Candlestick Park where, in addition to a 40-year-old man getting assaulted, SFist's own Daisy Barringer was attacked inside the stadium shortly after the game.

On Sunday, if you recall, a young man was shot during a robbery attempt at Bonifacio and Mabini, just a couple blocks away from Third and Harrison near the Oracle OpenWorld convention.