This is funny. Even though we don't understand how the America's Cup is still going, given the wide lead the New Zealanders had as of Sunday, it is still going. And the other day, some of those devilish Kiwis descended on Larry Ellison's Pacific Heights manse to put some NZ flags all over the garage doors.

This would be the same house that was discussed recently in that Vanity Fair piece, the William Wurster-designed mansion next door to the Gettys that Larry basically gutted, much to the horror of his architecturally sensitive neighbors.

The three "Kiwi ninjas" are disguised and identified only as "The Lawyer, the Builder, and the Random from Hawkes Bay," and they descended on Larry's house around 5:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning to show their New Zealand Pride and hopefully piss Larry off.

And of course the person who shared this on Facebook was none other than Aaron Peskin.

FYI, Races 13 and 14 occur today at 1:15 and 2:15, and New Zealand only needs one more to win. They lead Oracle Team USA 8 to 2.

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