Convicted serial killer Joseph Naso whined in court today that he was "being pushed out" of court without getting a proper hearing for the various motions he would like to file before he's officially sentenced to death. Acting as his own lawyer, 79-year-old Naso has rambled in front of the Marin County court for months now, and appears to be in total and complete denial about the sadistic crimes he committed over several decades.

"I don't like being pushed out of here without being heard on what I have to say," Naso said. I feel like I'm being wronged. Pushing me out to prison is wrong. The court knows it and the people know it." Actually, Joe, all that the people know is that you are psychotic and you probably murdered at least a dozen, if not dozens, of women.

Naso was convicted last month in the deaths of four women: Roxene Roggasch, 18, who was found near Fairfax in 1977; Carmen Colon, 22, found near Port Costa in 1978; Pamela Parsons, 38, found in Yuba County in 1993; and Tracy Tafoya, 31, found in Yuba County in 1994. During the penalty phase of the trial, prosecutors introduced two more victims who likely died at the hands of Naso, Sara Dylan, the Bob Dylan groupie who was killed in 1992 in or near Nevada County; and Sharileea Patton, whose body washed up in Tiburon in 1981. There has also been discussion among law enforcement that Naso could have been the long sought culprit in the Alphabet Murders which took place in upstate New York in the early 1970s. Naso lived there before relocating to the Bay Area in the late 70s.

On Tuesday, the jury condemned Naso to death, and this morning Naso was asking for a delay before his sentencing hearing, requesting that the court reconvene in January. The judge sided with the prosecution, and Naso will be back in court on November 8. The judge has to consider an automatic appeal that would reduce Naso's sentence to life without parole.

And just in case you were seeking any more disgusting details about the life this guy lived, Naso's ex-wife Judith, a resident of Piedmont, testified that he once drugged her and watched as two men had sex with her in a San Francisco hotel. Judith Naso's pantyhose figured into the trial as well as one of the sole pieces of physical evidence — her DNA was found on them, and they were used to strangle one of her husband's victims.

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