Although it may not be the absolute smallest in the city, the tiniest apartment currently available for you to move into is a diminutive 264 square feet of mostly kitchen and bathroom. If you're the sort of person who needs nothing more than a place to put your bed and take a shower then this $1,200 per month rental is the home for you.

The teensy apartment is located at Sixth and Howard Streets in SoMa, just blocks from the city's noted knife crime corner Comfort Corner. It boasts amenities like two sinks about six feet from each other, a fridge the size of the one you had in your college dorm and absolutely zero closet space. Just think of it as an opportunity to simplify your lifestyle. But ascetic living doesn't come cheap: you'll need to pony up $1,200 a month for the opportunity to eat takeout on your bed.

The SoMa micropad isn't the absolute smallest in town: last year the Board of Supervisors voted to lower the limit on square footage to allow for 220 square-foot domiciles with 150 square feet of actual living space. The first set of parking space-sized micro-apartments at 38 Harriet Street in SoMa is currently leased to the California College of the Arts. And then, of course, there are the thousands of SRO units which come in at about 100 square feet once you eliminate the bathroom and kitchen.

[H/T: CurbedSF]