While most of us were well aware of last weekend's big Bay Bridge closure and unveiling, the Tampa Bay Rays — who were in the Bay Area for a series against the A's — apparently didn't get the memo. The team bus that was meant to whisk the Rays from their lodging in the city to Oakland Coliseum took about an hour and 45 minutes to detour around the bridge, forcing shortstop Yunel Escobar and a second busload of other team personnel to take BART to Oakland and hoof it from the train to the locker room.

Tampa Bay ace pitcher David Price, meanwhile, apparently didn't have the patience for either the team bus or public transit and arranged to have a town car bring him to Oakland early. The car ride ended up taking even longer than the bus — about two hours total — and cost Price a cool $202 on the fare. (Although that might not seem like much to someone who got a $5.6 million signing bonus upon his major league debut.)

Naturally, Price live-tweeted the excruciating trip from the backseat of this towncar:

All that time in the car must have messed with Price's head: The Rays gave up four runs on Friday, losing 4-3 to the A's. Oakland went on to sweep the three-game series.

After Friday's frustratingly slow ride, however, Price was determined to find a faster way to Oakland:

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