(By e.Chang)

The Week That Was:
Won 1, lost 2 against the Rockies
Won 2, lost 1 against the Diamondbacks
Lost 1 against the Padres.

61-76 for the season; tied for last place in the NL West, 21 fracking games back.

The Week That Will Be:
Tue: at San Diego against the Padres.
Wed: at San Diego against the Padres.
Thu: home against the Diamondbacks.
Fri: home against the Diamondbacks.
Sat: home against the Diamondbacks.
Sun: home against the Diamondbacks.

Ah, September! This is what it's all about. After the promise of Spring, the grind of Summer, Fall is finally here and the hunt for a (insert a team color here) October is on. September hosts the playoffs before the playoffs and all across the country fans are eyeballing the scoreboards, inspecting the standings, and studying the schedules. And San Francisco is no exception.

Here's what San Francisco Giants fans will be looking forward to for the rest of September:

Sept. 8: home against Green Bay.
Sept. 15: at Seattle against the Seaducks.
Sept. 22: home against the Colts.
Sept. 26: at St. Louis against the Rams.

Can not wait!!!


Although September marks the end of the road for the Giants' horrid 2013 season, it will be a brand new start for some fresh faces. It's time to call up the kids from the farm. This year's September call-ups are Jake Dunning, Juan Perez, Heath Hembree, George Kontos, Ehire Adrianza, Johnny Monell, Francisco Peguero, and Nick Noonan.

Who knows how much playing time the kids will get, but with this season already in the gutter, it's probably a good idea to sit the old guys, let them rest their bones, and chew on sunflower seeds while giving the young guns a chance to steal their jobs next season. You never know. Previous September(ish) call-ups: Matt Cain (2005), Madison Bumgarner (2009), and Buster Posey (2009).

Speaking of which, Bochy, please shut the starters down. Cain and Bumgarner. Sit them. Rest them. Pour some Tussin on their arms and keep them on ice. They are our everything and 2014 demands it. And for the love of God, stop humiliating Zito. He's like that one time when you were 11 and had that piano recital and froze in the middle of the first song and you started over but you knew you already blew it and froze again so you started to cry and were so embarrassed that you peed in your pants and all you wanted to do was to go home and die but your mom INSISTED that you keep going. He's exactly like that. Stop making him keep going! Let him go home and cry into the last payment of his $126 million dollar contract. Ok, give him one last start on the last game of the season so the fans can thank him for Game 5 of last year's NLCS, but please, please, please sit him til then. Please?


How'd your fantasy football draft go?

P.S. Happy birthday and congratulations, Jamie! Love ya, sis.