Oakland resident Ron Yorrick Jr. recently decided to "practice his awesome" by making speeches to commuters on crowded morning BART trains, prompting many to wonder what he wanted from them, or if he was about to do something crazy. He begins by saying, "I'm not asking for money, I'm not asking for donations. No, I don't work for BART, and no, I'm not about do anything crazy." His message, as the Bold Italic tells us, is a mixture of motivational talk ("Figure out what you really want out of life. Not somebody else, you.") and generic feel-goodery ("I'm giving away high fives, hugs...").

He's kept it up for a month, and there's no direct purpose to his talks — however at some point he would like to open his own gym.

He says he decided to do this in order to scare himself, and in an overall project of self-improvement, or something.

Above, a cell phone video he made himself of the crowd reaction on Day 26 of his 30-day BART experiment.

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