The charismatic wild marmot one commenter said "should run for Board of Supervisors" after an SFist interview has finally been captured in Noe Valley. The self-described "giant ground squirrel" was nabbed after succumbing to the irresistible lure of a sugar water- and apple-baited trap. The marmot apparently poo-pooed earlier traps that used bacon-fried spinach and apple pie as bait.

The marmot, who was first sighted in early June, was seen ducking out of a car hood where it had hitched a ride from Bernal to Noe Valley. The fragrant radiator fluids apparently hold a special kind of allure for the animal, which is probably how he arrived in S.F. from his high Sierras home in the first place. "Let's just say I had some help getting here," he told us.

From our earlier interview, we learning that the marmot was in town to sightsee and celebrate the DOMA/Prop 8 decision, and planned to settle down with his longtime partner upon returning to his burrow. "I just really wanted to be here to celebrate what I consider to be a basic animal right to happiness." Of the trap, he said he was well aware of it. "When I'm ready to go home I'll make use of it." Apparently that time has come.

The marmot will be returned to the Sierras after a quick medical evaluation, but early reports say he is healthy, full of apples, and whistling.

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