It's a slow news Friday, and thus we remain obsessed with Sean Parker's ridiculous, over-the-top, Lord of the Rings-themed wedding in the woods in Big Sur, which happened on June 1 but the photos only emerged via Vanity Fair yesterday. There was the lavish medieval feast tent pulled off by S.F. caterer Paula LeDuc, there was a lounge area in the forest with fur-covered beds, there was Olivia Munn holding a bunny. But we and everyone else can't stop going "WTF?" about the 364 costumes that Parker and his betrothed, Alexandra Lenas, had designed and made for their wedding guests. Did everyone have to go for a fitting with LOTR costume designer Ngila Dickson? Today we see that there was a detailed measurement chart that everyone had to fill out and submit six weeks before the wedding, including head size, shoe size, and wrist size.

Female guests, also, could specify if certain colors didn't look good on them, etc.

"How many times do you get to dress up 364 guests in crazy costumes?” Parker asks. Well, never, unless you're a movie director or a crazed internet millionaire with money to blow. Parker previously wrote a screed defending himself and his new bride against attacks on the internet that included calling her a gold-digging whore and him a "douche canoe." Of course, everyone was quick to attack the lavish wedding in these post-recession times, but no one actually had any good intel on the production itself until Vanity Fair's exclusive.

And what was up with Renaissance Faire maiden Olivia Munn and that bunny?


Well, Gothamist's own Jen Chung took to Twitter to ask that very question, and you can see Munn's own response below, which arrived at 2 AM, slightly type-o-laden.

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