While the Cronut craze proves to be as, if not more obnoxious than the cupcake revolution, it's not as widespread. So far, one can only obtain the revered doughut-croissant hybrid on the island of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Texas, or abroad. But now you can get something similar, called the Cronot, in the Bay Area care of South Bay's Posh Bakery.

Inside Scoop has more:

Yes: Cronots. Cro-nots. Posh Bakery is a wholesale bakery based in the South Bay. They have Posh Bagel outlets around town, which are (so far)both Cronot-free and doughnut-free, but the majority of Posh Bakery business is wholesale. Which means that Cronots could soon be littering the Bay Area.

Posh Bakery is currently making four varieties of Cronots: glazed, chocolate, strawberry and cinnamon. Each one can be filled with custard, or not filled with custards.

Looking to get your own? You can try Lee’s locations, which are scheduled to get Cronots on Monday. You can find them at: 222 Front Street, 235 Montgomery Street, 170 Spear Street, and 75 Battery Street.

Or, worse yet, make your own.

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