(Note: It looks like there's a battle to pull the video down, and copies of it that have spread everywhere. We'll do our best to keep up.)

Sure to make millions of appearances across laptop and TV screens in the coming days is Crazy Rhubarb Lady, who in an unknown county in Everytown, USA appears to have been at war with her neighbors for at least a few decades.

The best part, though, is she sounds like Cartman's grandma as she hurls f-bomb after f-bomb and calls her shrill, concerned neighbor, who's accusing her of stealing rhubarb from her property, a "fucking bitch" and "fucking troublemaker" over and over again.

Best line: "This doesn't have your name on it. Where's your name, bitch? Where's your name, bitch?"

The ladies go at it for four full minutes in which they claim the police are coming, but Crazy Rhubarb Lady is unconcerned because she has "relationships with the police." Also, she's merely foraging some rhubarb from what she claims is "alley property," and there for the foraging. Actually, we might even want to side with her on this one.

If only she can be booked on the Today show, our lives will be complete.

Also, we should point out that she might be calling the kettle black when she tells the neighbor "Have some coffee you're drunk as a skunk!"

Hopefully we will get some answers soon about where in our blessed nation this was shot.

Update: Like all things, the video appears to have originated on Reddit, and it seems to come from Iowa.

[h/t: Beth Spotswood]