We're never sure how to write about music, especially tunes and ditties we dig. In Stephen Sondheim's (brilliant) Finishing The Hat, the composer accuses all music writers (save for a couple of NYT scribes) of being musically illiterate. Who are we to argue? And with that, you should check out tonight's Mammoth Life's record release party in the Mission. The only thing we can succinctly tell you about them is that we listened to their latest self-titled effort at recent dinner party and we thoroughly enjoyed them.

How's that for music criticism?

Giggle Party, Animal Friend, and Li Xi, while DJ Neil Martinson mans the decks.

Show starts at 9 p.m. Be there.

Brick & Mortar Music Hall 1710 Mission (at Division), S.F.
Doors: 8 pm / Show: 9 pm