If you haven't noticed, we're avid followers of animal-related news in the Bay (we're far less interested in children, as evidenced by the city's demographic information). Here's a handy digest of Monday's animal-related news to rest your weary eyes and revive your spirits.

A second family of barn owls has taken up residence on the balconies of a Burlingame hotel, where a first family has already hatched four chicks on the balcony of room 1141. The San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront has taken the birds on as a badge of honor, and in a genius cross-promotional move, children staying at the hotel are being offered a complimentary stuffed owl toy. Hotel management is trying to keep the room adjoining the newcomers' balcony vacant and are now calling it the “Hoot Suite."

A pink flamingo has been spotted hanging out at the sound end of the Bay. No one is sure where the bird came from, but since no zoo flamingos have gone missing, it may be an escaped pet. The Bay's rich stock of algae and shrimp seem to be keeping the bird happy for now, but if no one come forward the Oakland Zoo may adopt the bird into its flamingo flock.

A woman had her cat stolen when a burglar broke into her car on Polk and Broadway on Thursday. The thief left behind luggage, a purse and a laptop, instead opting to steal a cat carrier containing a 12-year-old cat named Roxy. Luckily, Roxy was dropped off at Animal Control on Friday, apparently by someone who the the thief had passed the cat on to. The staff recognized the cat from a KTVU report and reunited her with her owner, who said the cat was "a bit grumpy but okay."

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