Fancy that: a San Ramon fraternity brother, studying and partying hard at Dartmouth, turned himself in this week after he urinated on a woman. Hanover police report the vile dousing happened on Friday, July 5, at the Alpha Delta fraternity. The 27-year-old victim was part of a film crew at the frat house when the incident took place. She later went to police.

Mercury News reports: "After multiple witness interviews, police issued an arrest warrant Thursday for Christopher Kipouras of San Ramon. Kipouras was booked on a public urination charge. He's scheduled to be arraigned in September."

According to his glowing athletics page, Kipouras is a tennis player at the tony institution of higher learning who "plans to study science or engineering at Dartmouth."

In addition to (allegedly) crude behavior from their brethren, Alpha Delta also faces up to $100,000 fines if convicted of providing alcohol to minors stemming from a separate October 2011 incident. The frat house was also the prototype for National Lampoon's Animal House.