In last Friday's incident that left two dead and one store owner in critical condition at the San Francisco GiftCenter and JewelryMart, prosecutors have clear evidence that has shed light on a double homicide that District Attorney Gascón is calling "one of the most calculating, most brutal homicides" he has ever seen.

23-year-old Barry B. White Jr. of Antioch was arrested near the scene at 888 Brannan on Friday afternoon. After reviewing "unusually high quality" footage from three surveillance cameras inside the jewelry store, Assistant DA Scot Clark detailed the vicious attacks: White entered the Victoga Inc. store inside the GiftCenter concourse around 2 p.m. on Friday, where he asked the owner for a price adjustment on a piece of jewelry he bought there several weeks prior. According to Clark, the jewelry, "did not have as many grams of whatever the precious metal was that it was supposed to." The price dispute amounted to about $300.

When White didn't get his refund, he asked store owner Vic Hung for change to feed his parking meter, which Hung gave him. After leaving the store to go to his car, White returned, waited for all the other customers to leave and then pulled out a folding knife and a gun. Clark described the events to the San Francisco Superior Court yesterday (emphasis ours):

Clark said after waiting for all other customers to leave the store, White approached the counter with a revolver and shot Hung three times at nearly point-blank range, then fired at [store employee Lina] Lim once.

White then headed toward the exit of the store, where [employee Khin] Min was standing and “in a panic, ran toward Mr. White instead of out the door,” Clark said.

The prosecutor said White shot Min, then “viciously cut her from ear to ear” with a folding knife.

“You can see the frustration when she realizes she’s going to die,” he said.

Clark said White then returned to the other two victims and attacked them with the knife, slashing Hung in the face and “nearly decapitating” Lim.

DA Gascón also described the footage, saying the store employees were, "being shot. They're being stabbed. He comes out and there's another woman in front of the store and by the time the gun is empty, and he tries to shoot and the guns empty, he dumps the gun and then he proceeds to knife her." Both women were found dead with multiple gunshot wounds and their necks slashed. Hung was shot and stabbed multiple times and remains in critical condition.

After reloading, White left the store covered in blood, where he ran into the first group of officers responding to calls for shots fired. White opened fire on the officers and ran into the Dos Amigos Mexican restaurant next door on Brannan Street, where he kept shooting until he ran out of ammo. He eventually surrendered to police who did not return fire.

Authorities later found an illegal AK-47 with an extended magazine in the trunk of White's car, which was parked outside of the jewelry center. (Reported earlier as an SKS rifle.)

White is currently facing 16 felony counts related to Friday's rampage, including two counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder, six counts of assault on a police officer with a firearm and one count of possession of an assault rifle. He is being held without bail and will appear in court for his arraignment next Tuesday, July 24th.

White, who also tried to run over a police officer with his car in Antioch when he was 19, is currently represented by defense attorney Steven Taxman. Taxman previously represented White in a police brutality suit stemming from White's previous run-in with the law. The city's public defender's office is also seeking to represent White in the case.

ABC7 has more in the video report:

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