Around 2:20 p.m. Friday afternoon, San Francisco Police and Fire Department units responded to reports of a shooting on Brannan Street between Seventh and Eighth Streets in SoMa. The units responded to both 838 and 888 Brannan Street, closing off streets in the area. A photographer on the scene is currently reporting multiple shooting victims, although this fact is still unconfirmed. [Note: Updating below]

A customer service rep from the REI store next door at 840 Brannon tells ABC7 that people inside the store have been ordered to shelter in place.

Update, 2:45 p.m.: SFPD is telling ABC7 that two are dead. (This is still unconfirmed.) NBC Bay Area reports the shooting occurred in a jewelry store in the San Francisco Gift Center & Jewelry Mart next door to the REI on Brannan Street.

Here's the scene live from NBC Bay Area. Live coverage has ended.

According to NBC's reporter on the ground, police officers arrived to find a shooter "covered in blood." That suspect opened fire on SFPD officers, fled the scene and ran into another group of officers. He fired on the second group of officers, but officers did not fire back. The first suspect has now been taken into custody. An SFPD officer confirmed to several reporters that there are two dead on the scene.

The crime scene is currently still active and an armored SWAT truck is moving into the area. SFPD is currently searching for a second armed suspect.

The several large tech companies also have headquarters in the area, including Zynga, Pinterest, Adobe and AirBnB. Their offices are also currently on lockdown and a notice has been sent out to employees.

Update, 3:15 p.m.: According to SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza, 888 Brannan has been evacuated and the SWAT team and canine units are currently searching the building for a second suspect. There is no additional information about the second suspect, but there were multiple shots fired prior to the 911 call to SFPD. The two victims were found dead inside the building when officers arrived.

Esparza also said the huge police response was due to the officer-involved 406 code going out over the scanner. The 406 code indicates an officer needs emergency help and alerts every agency in the immediate area including CHP, UCPD, etc. However, no officers were injured in the shooting.

Brannan Street is currently closed form Sixth to Ninth Streets.

Update, 3:40 p.m.: The shooting reportedly happened at jewelry store Victoga inside the S.F. Gift and Jewelry Center. The building is something like a mall food court for jewelry stores.

Update, 4 p.m.: SFPD Chief Greg Suhr tells reporters on the scene that both shooting victims were women. The suspect in custody has been seen around the S.F. Gift Center in the past and would have needed a special badge to enter the building. The shooter was armed with a revolver and ran into a nearby restaurant, where he apparently surrendered after running out of ammunition. Although he was found covered in blood, Suhr said the suspect's wounds were only superficial. Police no longer believe there was a second suspect, but they are continuing to check every floor in the building per standard operating procedure.

According to one witness who was in the building, shoppers and employees ducked behind the counters after shots rang out inside.

Here's Chief Suhr speaking to reporters Friday afternoon:

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